Inca Tern - Sub EP

IncaTern Sub EP.jpg

A while back I had the pleasure of recording an EP for Inca Tern (formerly Standards) a two piece band from Leeds. Sean O plays does guitar and vocals, James H plays drums and some guitar.

I’m a big fan of two piece bands so this was a great opportunity to put to work some of the things I have learnt over the years about getting the most out of a primarily drums and guitar set up.

These two knew what they were doing so a lot of these tracks were recorded live using multiple guitar amps to get the best from the pedal Sean was using. Overdubs were mainly experimenting with multi tracking atmospheric loops. The third track “Strangers For Miles” saw us layering individual ‘micro loops’ to form the main guitar part. Mixing this was mainly automating these parts to build up the track. I was also very pleased with the lead tone Sean got out of his Mesa Boogie for the outro.

Sub EP is available on their Bandcamp

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