Treeboy & Arc - Midnight Mass

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First post on the blog... Let's go!

Today I'm going to talk about a track the was released recently by Leeds band Treeboy & Arc.  I was impressed when I saw them support Team Picture recently so jumped at the chance to record them when they got in touch.  



We recorded the song in a blisteringly quick 7 hour day.  This was made easier by the band being very well rehearsed to get the parts done with little fuss.  Initially we tracked the drum kit and bass guitar together.  Luckily we have enough room in the studio to have guitars track a guide part with a fender DI box.  This put us in good stead for the overdubs which was equally as efficient.


What really set this mix off on the right track was the Waves Scheps Omni Channel.  After a quick balancing prep mix using the omni on the group channels really does a lot of work.  It includes Pre Amp, EQ, De-esser (x2), Compressor, noise gate and an insert slot to put another plug in anywhere along the chain.  Mixing the order of these components lets you get creative with treating the sound.

Automating the volume of the instrument groups into a Waves J37 Tape Plugin really let the track move.  

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Looking forward to recording more with these guys.  Check out Midnight Mass on Spotify Now

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