The Project - Rehearse - Record - Rewind

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It was a pleasure to have Panos back in the studio. We had worked together over a year ago and I was delighted to hear from him just before Christmas. He is back with a new band - The Project - An Original Jazz Trio.

The plan was to record a live EP in one evening. Once everything was set we ran through the tunes and managed to get four tracks recorded. Getting a good live sound from the band in the room was key, once everyone was relaxed the performance started flowing.

Drummer Josh brought his kit to the studio. The kick and toms were nice and lively so I was very careful to preserve that in the mix. Panos on Bass insisted on recording his performance clean and add the effects later. This worked really well. In the mix session we plugged his pedal board into a send/return and were able to dial in the perfect amount of POG and Chorus.

The band are currently organising the Jazz Cube nights at Wharf Chambers. It is an excellent night of original and contemporary Jazz.

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